Go Commando On The Paintball Field: How Military Gear Amps Up Your Game

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Go Commando On The Paintball Field: How Military Gear Amps Up Your Game

8 November 2017
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A lot of people enjoy playing paintball. When you play in teams, it becomes a battle of wits and strategy. Who will get the flag and escape unharmed? Who will shoot the paintball that ends the game? If you ever go out to play this game, you will probably be surprised to see a lot of teams in military gear. Most of these players are not even military personnel, so why the gear? Here is how the clothing and accessories can amp up your game and make you go all commando on the fields.

Green Camo Helps You Blend Into the Forest

Army personnel wear green as they are typically fighting in forests or jungles. The green camouflage helps them blend in so that the enemy cannot see them sneaking up to attack. The same holds true when you play paintball in a wooded glen. The other team cannot spot you so easily. If you also camo-green your face and hands, your paintball sneak-attack will be unparalleled.

Military Boots

Military boots give you excellent footing. So, while you are trying to sneak around in the woods and stepping on exploded paint balls, the boots will ensure that you do not slip and land on your face or give away your position. If you make noises while trying to play "capture the flag" in paintball, you can bet you will be the very next target. That is easily avoided, as well as slippery, squishy mud, slippery moss, and fungi rings that can trip you up while you track down the other team's base camp, when you wear military boots.

Green and Desert Camouflage Mixed

Soldiers that went to fight in Desert Storm soon discovered that they were sitting ducks for the enemy in camo green. The U.S. military quickly developed desert camo to aid the troops.  When you play paintball in an open field, it is often half sand, part mud, and part greenery. While you are not totally hidden from view in the open, it helps to have the right-colored camo to disguise you. In these instances, you would need the green and desert camo-mix, another type of military camouflage originally developed for the troops.

Moisture-Wicking Underclothes

It is hot outside when you play paintball, just as it is hot in the jungle or the desert. For that reason, the government developed moisture-wicking t-shirts, underwear, boxers, and bras. Less sweat equals greater comfort and more ease of mobility. Wear these underclothes under your military gear for paintball, and you will feel much more comfortable in the heat.

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