Things To Consider When Choosing An Engraved Wooden Celtic Cross

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Things To Consider When Choosing An Engraved Wooden Celtic Cross

21 November 2022
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A Celtic cross can make for a really stunning piece of decor. Most are made from wood, and some are even engraved with a phrase, verse, or name. If you visit a shop that sells these crosses, you will soon realize just how many options there are. Here are the key things to consider as you select an engraved, wooden Celtic cross.

What size do you want?

Celtic crosses are often big, stately pieces of decor, but there are many that are smaller. In fact, small Celtic crosses are becoming more popular as people want to be able to display their crosses without them looking as obvious. Think about how you plan to use your cross. Will it be a statement piece you bring out now and then? If so, you may want a larger one. Will it be a piece of decor you always have on display in your home? In that case, you may want a smaller one that blends in with the rest of your decor.

What wood should your cross be made from?

The crosses may have labels that tell you what wood they are carved from. If not, feel free to ask the vendor. In most cases, you want to avoid crosses made from pine or cedar, as they are less durable and prone to scratches. Look instead for crosses made from cherry, hickory, or maple. All three of these woods are hard and resistant to wear. A cherry cross will start off lighter and darken as it ages. Hickory and maple are pretty color-stable, although maple is a very light-colored wood and that doesn't appeal to everyone.

How detailed do you want the engravings to be?

Some people prefer a smooth wood cross with just their name or a few symbols carved into it. This tends to evoke a more modern look and makes the cross easier to keep clean. Dust won't settle in the nooks and crannies as extensively. Other people prefer a more intricately carved cross with lots of detail. This has a more traditional look and calls more attention to itself. Some also believe the detailed engravings and carvings are necessary to make it an "authentic" Celtic cross.

A wood Celtic cross can be a lovely addition to your home decor, whether you have it on constant display or only bring it out on occasion. Consider the ideas and themes above as you select a cross that suits your taste and needs.

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