The Best Fabric For Women's Summer Evening Wear (When You Tend To Sweat A Lot)

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The Best Fabric For Women's Summer Evening Wear (When You Tend To Sweat A Lot)

15 June 2022
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Choosing women's evening wear that's appropriate for hot summer nights can be a little difficult for some. For many, the fact that it's a warm evening may not even be on their radar, as the heat doesn't bother them or lead to excessive sweating. Lucky them, right? But what about when you're easily affected by the temperature, and tend to sweat a lot? This is when the fabric of your prospective evening wear becomes crucial. 

Satin Weave

Charmeuse is a fabric that has been prepared with a satin weave, creating a glossy, silky appearance on the outward-facing side of the fabric. The inward-facing side lacks this finish and can appear duller in comparison. It's a lightweight fabric that hugs the skin, meaning it's often used to make women's evening wear. It can also be used in the creation of blouses and shirts, although menswear tends to limit charmeuse to the lining of certain items (such as coats and jackets).

Perspiration Patches

The fabric is not especially absorbent, and this is one of its advantages in hot weather. You will still sweat, but the fabric won't retain moisture, meaning that it's difficult for any telltale patches of perspiration to develop. The fabric is breathable, so any perspiration tends to evaporate directly from the skin, through the charmeuse, without affecting (or moistening) the fabric in any noticeable way. This allows your skin to remain dry and comfortable. Of course, not all types of charmeuse are the same. 

Types of Charmeuse

Charmeuse is usually categorized by its base material. For example, you can find silk charmeuse, polyester charmeuse, or even a blend of organic and synthetic fibers (such as rayon charmeuse). You're unlikely to see the word used by itself, and this should be cause for suspicion. It's a case of buyer beware, and you need to check the label on the garment in question. Don't assume that charmeuse automatically means silk, so if there's any confusion, you will need to confirm the composition of the fabric to be sure. In terms of looks and durability, silk charmeuse is the frontrunner. Polyester charmeuse may be able to mimic the look of its silk counterpart, but will be less breathable, and therefore less comfortable. Additionally, it will lose its brightness and shine relatively quickly when compared to silk—so the fact that it's not actually silk will soon become obvious. 

Although you may not experience excess sweating to the point that you need to consult a doctor, it may still be a considerable problem when the temperature starts to climb. This means you need to choose evening wear made from a fabric that keeps your skin dry while allowing perspiration to evaporate without leaving any unsightly patches.

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