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Go Commando On The Paintball Field: How Military Gear Amps Up Your Game

8 November 2017
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A lot of people enjoy playing paintball. When you play in teams, it becomes a battle of wits and strategy. Who will get the flag and escape unharmed? Who will shoot the paintball that ends the game? If you ever go out to play this game, you will probably be surprised to see a lot of teams in military gear. Most of these players are not even military personnel, so why the gear? Read More …

Customize It With Etching Or Engraving

28 February 2017
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It is sometimes hard to give personality and character to some of your favorite belongings. One way to accomplish this is to get them engraved. It can be difficult to get some belongings  engraved with your name or with your favorite slogan because they are very small. However with the development of lasers you can have almost anything engraved. Here are just a few of the different types of materials that you can have engraved. Read More …

Nifty Knits: Cozy Up This Winter with Stylish Sweater Dresses

10 January 2017
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The annual chill of winter prompts you to bulk up your wardrobe arsenal with cozy sweaters from cardigans and wraps to pullover styles that feel like a warm and comforting hug when you slip them on with your favorite pair of jeans. When you are seeking out a dressier option, sweater dresses are back in full versatile glory. Find out how you can rock the season's must-have, whether you're headed to the office or stepping out for date night. Read More …