Five Items You Don't Want To Pull From Your Summer Wardrobe This Winter

Do you want to add a little extra something to your everyday clothing choices? Learn tips for incorporating accessories into your outfits.

Five Items You Don't Want To Pull From Your Summer Wardrobe This Winter

1 November 2016
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When you weed out your wardrobe for the coming winter, hold back storing a few of your summer essentials. These are items that can give a little pizzazz to your current winter apparel and make great components for the holiday season to come. Have your summer items tailored in the spring when you pull them back out to ensure the most flattering fit when warm weather comes. 

Five garments and accessories that will seamlessly sail from summer to winter are:

  1. Kaftans. Don't pack away all your bold and exotic kaftans; while you wear them in the summer for a flowing, sophisticated look, in the winter they are the perfect cover-up for your long underwear and warm leggings. Wear with leather or suede boots and a lot of jewelry for a contemporary look that will become your favorite outfit during chilly weather.
  2. Summer shawls. Your cool and lightweight summer shawls can become warm scarves to layer during the winter. This is a fun, Bohemian approach to staying warm while being very stylish.
  3. Sundresses. Your favorite sundresses can easily morph for cooler months when you pair them with nubby tights, textured boots, and warm cardigans. These bring a breath of spring to the wintertime, which can help keep the doldrums away.
  4. Sandals. Keep a pair of strappy sandals in your winter wardrobe for a sexy accent to your holiday dresses and ensembles. Look for a pair with a decent heel that can be dressed up and is comfortable on your feet. Who doesn't want to wear something strappy and sophisticated for New Year's Eve?
  5. A big floppy hat. Even though your days at the beach have come to an end, a big floppy hat is the perfect accessory during wintry outdoor activities. It will help keep the reflection of the snow or ice at bay and be a fun accessory for your favorite winter coat! It is also a great item to keep in the car for watching football games, watching hockey, or watching the kids skate on a bright, sunny afternoon this winter.

Add a punch of summer to your winter wardrobe and clothing options. Take time to pull a few summer essentials that can be worn stylishly during the colder season and don't be afraid to visit a tailor to ensure items fit well and flatter you. Pair your cheery options with some warm wool tights, leggings, and sweaters to ensure you stay toasty when the winter winds blow!

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