Evaluate A Consignment Store On Social Media Before Taking Your Clothing There

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Evaluate A Consignment Store On Social Media Before Taking Your Clothing There

25 October 2019
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Taking your gently used clothing to a consignment shop is an effective way to turn it into cash without going through the hassle of selling each piece yourself. While the consignment store will take a percentage of the value of each purchase, you'll save the time that you'd spend photographing and publicizing your items. If your community has a number of consignment stores, you'll want to evaluate each of them before you decide where you'll take your possessions. One way to do so is on social media, given that many consignment stores have an active social media presence as a way to reach prospective customers. Here are some points that you can evaluate:

Following Size And Activity

One of the first things to notice when you assess a consignment store's social media page is how many followers it has. The more people who follow, the better chance that your items will sell quickly — giving you cash in a short amount of time. A store that has 6,500 social media followers is thus a better choice than one with 150 followers. Similarly, you should assess how active the following is. For each post that the store makes, are there a lot of people wanting to claim the item? Or, are many posts going without any response at all? The more active store is a better choice.

Frequency Of Updates

You should also notice how frequently the consignment store posts updates on its social media page. A store that posts items for sale several times a day obviously has a lot of people using it, and thus may suggest the quick turnover of items. If a store is only posting once a day or perhaps even less, you will have to think about how long it might take your items to sell. If you're in a hurry to get paid, as most people are when they sell their clothing, the store that updates its social media more frequently is a better choice.

Quality Of Updates

Finally, don't forget to assess the quality of a store's updates. Look for several keys things. For starters, you want the photo of the clothing to be a good one, with proper lighting and enough clarity that it's easy for prospective buyers to assess the item. The wording associated with each listing should be of high quality, too. For example, the description should be well-written with the type of clothing, the brand, and the condition clearly defined.