Why You Should Get Your Suit Pants Tapered

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Why You Should Get Your Suit Pants Tapered

22 May 2019
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When it comes to having a suit altered, you might frequently think about having the jacket or pants taken in or let out. These alterations are important, but they're not the only steps that you should take in order to look your best. Where your suit pants are concerned, you might want to also consider having the pants tapered slightly. Some suit pants already have tapered legs, but if your pants aren't this way — perhaps because the suit is a little older — this alteration can be an important one. Here are some reasons that it's smart to get your suit pants tapered.

They Won't Drag

Of course, you should also get your suit pants hemmed so that they're of the right length. However, some men prefer to have their suit pants a little on the longer side so that they adequately cover the ankle. The problem with suit pants being long is that if you happen to be at a function at which you've removed your shoes — perhaps a gathering in someone's home after a formal event — the cuffs of the pants can drag. This might be fine with jeans, but you don't want suit pants dragging because they'll quickly look worn. When you get your pants tapered, there's less of a risk of them dragging.

They'll Show Off Your Shoes

If you're a man who is meticulous about choosing what shoes you wear with your suits — and also taking care of them to ensure that they're shiny and stylish — you might want to show them off. Wide pant cuffs can sit over a considerable percentage of your shoes, preventing other people from seeing and appreciating them. Upon having your pants tapered, however, your shoes will immediately be much more visible to others.

They'll Look Modern

Today's suits are often more form fitting and sleek than those from the past, and looking contemporary might be atop your stylistic to-do list. If this is the case, you'll definitely want to think about having your suit pants tapered. This alteration can make an older suit look newer, thus saving you the money that you might otherwise feel compelled to spend buying a new suit. Talk to a local alterations specialist to arrange an appointment to have your suit pants tapered to your desired specifications, as well as any other alterations for suits done so that you look and feel your best in your formal attire.