How Planning For Alterations Can Help You Get Your Dream Bridal Gown On A Budget

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How Planning For Alterations Can Help You Get Your Dream Bridal Gown On A Budget

18 November 2018
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Although many women have an idealized version of the wedding dress they want, their budget may not permit such an expense. Planning to have your dress altered beyond basic fittings is one way to cultivate a budget-friendly dress into a stunning work of art.

Start Basic

Usually, when you find budget-friendly wedding dresses, you are limited in size and style. Try choosing among the dresses available that are slightly larger than the size you normally wear and never buy based on the size you expect to be. It is easy to take away fabric, but almost impossible to add fabric. When you choose a dress that is a larger size, it will give you more leeway when having the dress altered. The style of the dress can also make it easier to alter later. Choosing an A-line gown will allow more flexibility in both fittings and changing the overall look of the dress. Someone who is proficient in sewing may be able to turn an A-line dress into one that is more fitted or has a lace overlay.

Avoid Certain Materials

It is best to talk with the person who will do your alterations before you decide on a dress. Although a dress may be beautiful, it may contain fabric that is difficult to work with and hard to alter. For example, lace can be difficult to alter, especially since the fabric is delicate and prone to tearing or developing holes. If you wanted fitted lace sleeves, purchasing a separate jacket or shrug would be better than trying to alter a dress with lace sleeves. Brocades and similar fabrics that frays easily are notoriously temperamental. This type of fabric can easily shred when trying to remove the seams. Bridal satin with a little or no stretch is often a better alternative when you are planning to have the dress altered.

Add Pizzaz

Many expensive dresses are full of crystals or other embellishments that are more affordable to do during the alteration stage than purchasing it off the rack. The most budget-friendly way to add sparkle to your dress is to use flat-back or sew-on crystals. You can typically purchase them individually and add them in strategic locations when the dress is altered. When deciding where to add crystals, try to determine the areas where you want to draw attention. You might have a dress with an open neckline and want to add crystals around the edge. A common place you might see crystals or other types of embellishments is on lace. Some lace has a floral pattern, so a crystal, bead, or pearl might be added in the center of the floral pattern to mimic the center of a flower.

The option for alterations, such as those done By Vesna, is important beyond how your wedding dress fits. Alterations can be the key for people on a budget to find a way to afford their dream gown.