Tips For Ordering Custom Screen Printed Shirts

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Tips For Ordering Custom Screen Printed Shirts

17 March 2018
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Having shirts custom screen printed with your company's logo or other important information can be an efficient and effective uniform for your workers. Unfortunately, individuals that are needing to order these shirts may lack an awareness of what type they should be taking throughout this process. 

If you are want to learn more about maximizing the return for your screen printing budget, some important guidelines can be used to help achieve this goal.

Does The Color Of The Fabric Count Against The Printed Color Count?

It is common for screen printers to base the price of their services on the complexity of the image that needs to be printed. The particular, the number of colors that will be required by the image can be a major factor in determining the cost of using these services. 

However, you may be able to help minimize the costs of your order by opting for the use of colored fabric. By using colored fabric, you can achieve the same look with your design while minimizing the costs of the project.

Order Samples From Several Providers

The quality of the work done by screen printers can vary greatly from one service to another. To help ensure that you are choosing the service that can provide the highest quality prints, you should order samples from multiple providers. 

This will allow you to directly compare the quality of the fabric and the print work before you commit to ordering a large number of these shirts.

Have A Suitable Storage Area Picked Out

It is usually a wise practice for businesses to keep multiple spare uniform shirts on hand. This will help to streamline the process of getting uniforms to new hires, and it can allow you to get replacement uniforms to your current employees quickly. While ordering additional shirts can be a wise choice, you will need to make sure that you are keeping the shirts in a suitable storage area. 

Otherwise, the fabric and the print could suffer major deteriorations. When you are picking out a storage area, you should keep the shirts in a location that is free of temperature and humidity extremes. Using silica gel packets can be an effective way of helping to control the humidity levels. 

These packets can absorb much of the excess moisture that may be in the air before it can form condensation on the shirts or the screen prints. By placing a few of them in the box that holds these shirts, you will be able to greatly reduce the risk that humidity will damage the shirts.  

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