Golf-Related Gifts For Women

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Golf-Related Gifts For Women

11 October 2016
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If your friend or loved one is a golf enthusiast, treat her with a birthday or holiday gift that reflects her passion for the game. For the lady that also loves fashion, you can combine her two interests to create a customized present for any special occasion. 

Look for any type of golf-inspired pieces, such as skirts or shirts, that the recipient can wear. If you don't know her size, stick to jewelry, such as necklaces, pendants, and earrings, instead.

Here are some golf-themed women's gifts to consider:

1. Necklace Pendants

When it comes to picking the perfect necklace pendant for the golf lover in your life, all you need to know is her preferred metal, such as yellow, rose, or white gold, or silver. If you don't have a lot of money to spend, you can also choose from gold- or silver-toned pieces. 

Some whimsical pendant designs include golf bags, golf clubs and balls, or a woman swinging a club. If you want to go with a vibrantly colored piece, look for enameled pendants, which come in a wide variety of hues.

For a touch of glamour, choose a diamond-encrusted design, or stick with cubic zirconia, which has all the shimmer and shine of diamonds, if you're on a budget. Another way to personalize the gift is with the recipient's birthstone, such as pearls for June, rubies for July, sapphires for September, and topaz for November. Again, you can also go with colored cubic zirconia as well. 

2. Golf T-shirts or Polo Shirts 

For a gift that the recipient can wear both on and off the course, choose a golf-themed T-shirt or a casual chic polo shirt in her favorite color. Some T-shirt designs include charming sayings such as "this is my golf tee shirt" or "this is my type of tee party," or general images of golf-related items, such as clubs and balls or scenic courses.

If you know her favorite golf course, pick up a t-shirt from the on-site clubhouse gift shop as a special touch. If her preferred course is far away, you may be order a t-shirt online or by phone and have it delivered to her. Contact a company that sells ladies' golf wear for more ideas.

3. Golf Skirts or Dresses

If the recipient loves to dress up when playing golf, treat her to a new skirt or dress that is both stylish and comfortable. Golf shorts are another option if you're looking for something more casual.