4 Occasions That Are Perfect For A Ruffled Boutique Dress

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4 Occasions That Are Perfect For A Ruffled Boutique Dress

21 September 2016
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Even if you love the look of ruffled boutique dresses, you may still be hesitant to buy them, because you may have no idea where these elaborate dresses could be worn. After all, ruffled dresses are generally not worn to work or to casual events. Nevertheless, there are many different events for which a lovely ruffled dress would be fitting to wear. Here are a few occasions on which you could wear a beautiful ruffled boutique dress:

A Formal Dance

There are many formal dances that may occur in your area during the year, especially around the holidays. These galas are often filled with extravagant attire, such as formal ruffled dresses and tuxedos. You can choose the color and style of the boutique dress to best fit your skin tone, figure and design preferences.

If you love the wide swinging skirt of a Cinderella-style dress, choose a dress with layers of ruffles beneath the skirt. Other ruffled boutique dresses that would be appropriate for a special formal dance include Spanish-style dresses. Be sure to select a dress that is comfortable if you plan to dance for long periods.

A Pageant

If you are thinking of participating in a beauty pageant, a ruffled boutique dress could be perfect for the evening attire proportion of the contest. To impress the judges, choose a ruffled dress with a classic design that accentuates your waist. However, make certain that the dress is not so extravagant that it distracts the judges from noticing your face and the elegance of your walk.

Due to the large selection of unique ruffle dresses that many boutiques have available, it is highly unlikely that another pageant contestant will have the same dress.

A Formal Tea

Sometimes, special community events, such as formal teas, are held. These events, which are often used to raise money, are frequently held in the South. They allow ladies to dress in formal attire that is reminiscent of the dress styles of the late 1800s. It can be difficult to find suitable ruffled dresses for these events in regular department stores, but they may be easily selected from the right boutique.

The Prom

If you're looking for a prom dress, you may not prefer the sleek lines of some of the most modern styles. If a short prom dress or traditional evening gown is not what you're looking for, a ruffled boutique dress may be perfect for you.

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