Four Shirts Every Man Needs For His Capsule Wardrobe

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Four Shirts Every Man Needs For His Capsule Wardrobe

17 June 2016
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It is easy for a wardrobe to get out of control. Buying several pieces every few months can expand your closet a little too much until you have more clothes than you will ever wear. One way to combat textile waste and make sure that you will wear everything that you have in your closet is to create a capsule wardrobe. A capsule wardrobe is a wardrobe with few pieces that are designed to match one another easily. If you want to create your own gentlemen's capsule wardrobe, here are four shirts you will need to get started. 

Long-sleeve White Button Down

You can never go wrong with a button-down shirt. A white, long-sleeve button down will work well for both casual and business settings. Get a button down with sleeves that are loose enough to roll up, so that the shirt can easily transition from winter to summer. A white button down is perfect with jeans, slacks, and with a suit and tie. If in doubt, you can always throw this shirt on to be perfectly dressed. 

White or Black Polo Shirt

Next to the button down shirt, a polo shirt is one of the most versatile in any wardrobe. A thick polo shirt can last for a long time and it can work in hot and cold weather patterns. Additionally, a polo shirt can be worn underneath a sport jacket to make it more dressy, or it can be paired with a pair of jeans if you are going out to a lounge or nightclub. Make sure that the polo shirt is a black or white color, so that it can match any shoes in your capsule wardrobe. 

Street Art Tee

To throw a little fun in your wardrobe, you should have at least one street art t-shirt. This can be a screen print tee with a phrase that you love or a shirt with artwork that you enjoy. A street t-shirt can be used for casual day to day wear. Be sure to get a quality screen t-shirt that will not crack or fade easily. Remember to wash this shirt in cold water so that you will not cause the design on the shirt to dissolve or stretch. Check out vendors such as EMPIRE KINGS CLOTHING for more information. 

Plain White T-shirt 

Whether you are running to the grocery store, going on a date, or moving boxes, a plain, white shirt can be put together with different styles of pants to create the outfit that you need. A white shirt is easy to keep clean with the help of laundry whiteners and only takes a quick steaming or folding the right way to look presentable. Grabbing and throwing on a white shirt before you head out can make you look put together within a second.