How To Make The Most Of Your Fashion Poncho

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How To Make The Most Of Your Fashion Poncho

23 May 2016
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Women's fashion ponchos are all the rage these days, and it's easy to see why. They are so cute, so stylish, and so chic; they can be seen on hip celebrities, and, best of all, they go with just about anything. In fact, there are so many wonderful ways to style a poncho that you can buy one and get dozens of great outfits and looks out of it.

Wear Them with Leggings and Boots

To begin with, ponchos are particularly good for winter or fall looks. To really get a cute look, trying pairing them with some leggings and a cute pair of boots. They look particularly good with women's faux fur boots, especially if you have a fur-lined poncho.

You can go with basic black leggings if your poncho is dark in color or has a dark print, or if you have a colorful poncho, you can jazz things up with bright white leggings or leggings in a fun, vibrant color.

Keep it All One Color

If you're not one who considers yourself good at putting outfits together or you just prefer a simpler look, don't worry; you can still look great in a poncho. To keep things basic, style your entire outfit to be the same color as your poncho. A black poncho with black pants or black leggings will keep you from standing out too much or having to do too much work styling yourself.

You can add a little color, though, by adding in some complementary accessories, like a simple bracelet or a fun necklace.

Look Cute and Casual

If you want a more fun, casual look, then pair your poncho with your favorite pair of jeans and some sneakers or rain boots if it's wet outside. This will bring your super-stylish poncho down to earth a little bit and allow you to wear your new poncho to just about any event or outing.

Make it Warm-Weather Appropriate

While ponchos are, as mentioned, particularly popular in the winter months, they can easily translate to summer if you dress them right. Pair your poncho with some cute shorts or a short skirt and add in your favorite wedge sandals.

You'll look nice and summery. If you're worried about getting too warm, just layer a tank top or t-shirt under your poncho for simple, effective cooling.

As you can see, ponchos are incredibly versatile, so add one, two, or more to your closet for a variety of great looks!

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