4 Minor Details To Look For To Recreate A Vintage Workwear Look

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4 Minor Details To Look For To Recreate A Vintage Workwear Look

18 March 2016
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The vintage workwear trend has been gaining steam in America for a number of years, and while this look is becoming very popular and widespread, nailing all the finer points of the look can be said to be getting harder and harder. This is especially true if you want your style of dress to stand out from the crowd in a way that's uniquely "you" and different from the mass-produced, easily accessible clothing that's seen on city streets everywhere. Here are four minor details you need to nail in order to get the most authentic vintage workwear look out there. 

Natural Leather Accessories

Wearing natural leather is less about looking vintage right out of the box and more about looking vintage a few years down the road as your natural leather picks up color and patina from daily wear as it ages. Natural leather belts, wallets, and even keychains start out a very light khaki color and, over time, will age to a deep, dark brown that's unique to how you've worn your leather over the years, giving you an authentic vintage look that gets better with age. 

Button Fly Jeans

Believe it or not, the zipper is a fairly recent invention, with jeans only starting to sport the convenient fasteners after the modern zipper was used in boot designs starting in the 1920s. While (hopefully) not many people will notice this small detail, it can be a minor detail that adds to the rugged, vintage aesthetic that many well-dressed folks are looking for these days. 

Pocket Watch

While some may view a pocket watch as something relegated to Halloween costumes, the humble pocket watch is actually poised for a major comeback as more and more people replace their wristwatches with using their phone for the time, which is the same idea as a pocket watch. Pocket watches can transport anybody back to the turn of the century, or really anytime before the 1910s and 1920s, when wristwatches started gaining popularity. 

Raw, Natural Indigo-Dyed Denim

Before synthetic blue dyes were used for jeans and denim jackets, there was only one option: natural indigo. The coloration imparted on clothing by this now rare dye is really something else, since it is said to be more dynamic and rich in color than its synthetic counterpart. Plus, when you buy raw denim that's dyed with real indigo, then the indigo will rub off in certain places, fading your jeans, shirt, or jacket in ways that are specific to how you and only you wear them, so keep this in mind when shopping for denim jeans made in America.

Implementing these tips can help you make your vintage workwear apparel look even more authentic.