Must-Have Clothing Pieces For Horseback Riders

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Must-Have Clothing Pieces For Horseback Riders

9 March 2016
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If you love to ride horses and you enjoy the thrill of equestrian sport, it's essential that your horse is fitted with the proper gear for a safe experience. When it comes to the rider, there are also some important pieces of gear and clothing you need to make the experience safer and more enjoyable. This is especially true for those who practice the English style of horseback riding since it is a more intense form of riding that includes a lot of jumping and other movements by the horse. Here are some key pieces of clothing you should invest in.

Riding Breeches

Breeches are a style of pants that are made especially for horseback riders. These pants fit snugly all over, but they are made of stretchy material to allow for easy movement. Riding breeches are typically longer in the legs than traditional pants so they can fit easily down into riding boots. A well-fitted pair of riding breeches help prevent your skin from being pinched by the saddle or chafed by the movement of riding. They also allow you to have close contact with the horse, which is why they're a good choice for riders. Pikeur breeches are one popular brand you could choose. While jeans are acceptable for casual horseback riding, breeches are especially designed with the professional rider in mind.

Riding Helmets

Just like many other sports, a helmet is recommended for horseback riding to ensure your safety if you were to fall off the horse. A good riding helmet should consist of a tough outer shell with thick yet comfortable interior padding. It should also have a ventilation system for proper air flow and an attached strap that can be adjusted to fit your size. Riding helmets are always required in professional horseback riding events, but you should wear one at all times while riding to protect yourself from injury.

Riding Boots

Horse riding boots come in several different styles. Shorter boots with a steel toe are typically worn around the stable while dealing with the horses to keep your feet protected. When it comes to actually riding the horses, taller boots are a better choice. What makes horseback riding boots so unique is that the leather shaft reaches much higher on the calf to keep it protected from chafing as your leg rubs against the saddle. While riding boots come in a variety of styles and colors, the main focus is function first and fashion second. Each unique piece of clothing you wear as a horseback rider is meant to ensure that you have a safe, enjoyable ride.