How To Bling Out Your Shoes

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How To Bling Out Your Shoes

9 March 2016
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Do jewels and glitter make your day? If so, consider blinging out your Nike kicks to create your own sparkly fashion statement. This gives you all the comfort of sneakers, but in a dressed up form that elevates them beyond gym rat status. The following guide can help you customize your own shoes just to your liking.

Tool Tips

You will need a few basic supplies to get started:

  • Rhinestones – You can opt for plastic, cut glass, or crystal rhinestones. These are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors.

  • Industrial strength adhesive – Find the right type at a craft store in the glue or jewelry aisle. You will need an adhesive that works on both the shoe material (leather or vinyl) and the metal or plastic backing of the stones.

  • Jewel setter – This is another tool you can find at a craft store. You can also create your own using a skewer or thin dowel with a piece of beeswax or double-sided tape stuck to the tip.


Once you have your tools, it's time to get prepared. Make sure the shoes are clean and dry. The glue won't adhere properly to dirty or moist surface. Next, cover your work area with newspaper so you don't have to worry about glue spills.


Your next step is to come up with your design. A popular option on Nikes is to simply fill in the trademark "swoosh" with rhinestones. You could also use stones to bling out the toe box or the heel. The choice is yours; just keep in mind that the stones may not withstand heavy wear if you place them in natural stress areas, like along where the natural creases form across the top of the upper where your foot bends.


Now that you have your design, squeeze out the glue onto a paper plate. Pick up a rhinestone with your setting tool and dip the back into the glue. Now set it in place on the shoe. The glue doesn't dry immediately, so you can shift the rhinestone into place. It's best to work from the middle of the design out to the edges so you can adjust the location of stones as you work. Once you are done, allow the glue to dry for at least a day, or for the recommended time on the glue label, before wearing and showing off the new and improved kicks.

If you don't have the time or resources for a project like this, you can find retailers that sell blinged and bedazzled Nike shoes.