Need Boots For Work? 4 Ways To Enjoy A Long Boot Lifespan

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Need Boots For Work? 4 Ways To Enjoy A Long Boot Lifespan

3 March 2016
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Many jobs in various industries require that their employees wear boots to work. However, each profession has different requirements for what qualities these boots need to have. If you are about to go shopping for work boots, you should know how to maximize their lifespan to avoid overspending.

Purchase Two Pairs

The first piece of advice is to buy two pairs of work boots. Once you find a pair that works, you should stick with the same pair for as long as you can. Boots need time to dry off to keep them in good shape for a long time, but wearing the same pair on a daily basis can prevent your boots from fully drying. Two pairs will allow you to switch between them each work day, which should be enough for each pair to dry.

It is understandable to feel hesitant about buying two pairs of boots at one time. However, you should do everything that you can to maximize each pair's lifespan, and two pairs is just a part of that process. 

Understand What You Need

When you work outside on a regular basis, weatherproof is a must-have feature. Also, if you are someone who does construction work or performs a lot of rigorous activity, durability should be a necessity. If you work with electricity, you should make sure to get boots that have electrical resistance. These are just some examples of boot qualities, but you can easily find out what you need by asking your employer.

Remove Salt Immediately

Work boots can get damaged in a lot of ways, but one of the quickest ones is road salt exposure. The initial exposure is not what causes the leather to deteriorate, but when it is left untreated for a long time, then damage occurs. Anytime your work boots get exposed to road salt, you should clean them and use a salt-stain remover.

Store Them Correctly

Similar to how it is important for boots to completely dry for them to last a long time, you need to make sure you are not preventing this from happening. It is important to keep your work boots in a dry place, most importantly, but also somewhere with reliable air circulation as this will help the drying process.

Following the tips above will allow you to enjoy the same pairs of work boots for a long time. For more tips, contact your local boot supplier, like White's Boots.