Three Tips For Caring For Your Clothes

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Three Tips For Caring For Your Clothes

20 May 2016
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Your collection of clothing can represent a major investment in both your appearance and comfort. Yet, it is an unfortunate fact that some people may make mistakes when caring for their garments. These errors can contribute to wear and tear on the clothes that may shorten their lifespans, which can be especially frustrating when it involves your expensive name brand clothes. Luckily, you can utilize the following few tips to help ensure that you keep your clothes safe.

Always Carry An Emergency Stain Treatment Kit

Stains can be a very common form of damage that can essentially ruin the appearance of your clothes. However, you can help to prevent stains from damaging your clothing by making sure to always carry an emergency stain treatment kit with you. These kits often contain a small amount of detergent that can be applied to the clothing. By using these kits as quickly as possible, you can remove the substance before the pigments are allowed to soak into the fabric. While this can be an excellent way of preventing stains, you should still make sure to wash the garment as soon as possible to remove any pigments that may still be lingering in the fabric.

Use Cedar For Preventing Moths

Moths can be a major threat to clothing because they may eat holes in the fabric. While mothballs can be an effective solution for repelling these insects, they can cause your clothes to develop a musty odor.

Fortunately, you can discourage moths while avoiding this odor by opting to use cedar. Moths are repelled by the smell of cedar chips, and as a result, keeping a small cup of cedar chips in your closet can help keep your clothes safe from this common form of damage without forcing you to use insecticides or mothballs.

Keep Your Clothes Safe From Mice

Mice can leave droppings as well as tearing off sections of clothing for use in their nests. Sadly, there are some people that may overlook the need to protect their clothing from these pests, but there is a simple way that you can help to reduce the chances of this damage occurring. Mice can seem like an impossible problem to address because they can quickly learn to avoid traps and toxins. Fortunately, mice are usually repelled by the smell of peppermint, and you can capitalize on this by soaking a cloth or cotton ball in peppermint essential oils. Talk to a boutique, like Angel Heart Botique, for specialty clothing care.